Run coaching


"Stride" and "Spoke" represent movement and communication--two essential pieces of efficient forward progress and also essential components to proper coaching.  

I believe that training is more than miles.  Each training plan I create takes the individual athlete's strengths and weaknesses as well as their athletic background and experience, training interests and other goals in consideration when integrating approaches to cross-training, strength and mobility work along with necessary mileage and running-specific workouts.  

Coaching Philosophy

My coaching philosophy is simple: listen, care, think outside the box, and provide guidance.  And above all else, I take time to understand my clients as much as possible, both as athletes and people.  Even the best training plan in the world isn't worth the spreadsheet it's typed out on if it doesn't work with the clients life, schedule, interests and needs.   


Monthly Online Run Coaching: Includes a training plan that integrates both run and cross training and suggestions for strength and mobility training.  Your training will be provided to you on an easy to use google spreadsheet that I check in to 2-3 times a week.  You have unlimited access to me via text or email for questions or schedule changes.  If you are on Strava, not only will that provide me even more information about your runs and workouts, but you can also take advantage of the Stride and Spoke Coaching Strava group where you can find a community of athletes as well as training tips.

Monthly: $150 for the first month and $120/month after with a three month commitment. Discounts available for select local running clubs. 

Three-month package: $350 (saves $40)

Six-month package: $600 available only to current athletes.

*Discounts for referrals and local partner clubs 

Personal Training: Includes either in-person or online strength and mobility training.  Can be purchased separately or as an add-on to run coaching plans.  Inquire as to cost (will vary with your needs)

Yoga/Mobility Training: Includes either in-person or online yoga and mobility training and tutorials.  Can be purchased separately or as an add-on to run coaching plans.  Inquire as to cost (will vary with your needs)

[NOT currently available] Individual Training Plans: This is for athletes who just want a plan created for them but don't require check-ins or schedule modifications.  This includes an initial 15 minute phone call and a training plan for your next event.  You get access to me as a coach for one week after your receive your plan to be able to ask questions about your plan and training.

8-week plan: $100 (race date is at least 8 weeks away)

12-week plan: $150 (race date is at least 12 weeks away)

16-week plan: $180 (race date is at least 16 weeks away)

Coaching Consultation: If you have a current training plan and would like one-time or regular guidance regarding a current plan, or would like to consult with me regarding race strategy, race-day or training nutrition, gear, strength and mobility training, etc... We can arrange in-person, phone or online meetings. Hourly charges vary but begin at $50 for phone and $100 for in-person.

Group Training and Coaching, Private Personal Training, Private Run Coaching and Run Route Planning Services also available.  Please inquire via email if interested.

*2018 pricing valid for sign-ups through June 1 only.


Interested in online or in-person run coaching, personal training, strength and mobility training or yoga sessions, please contact me at Or fill out this form